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Soft play packages

Add our -

Princess, Butterfly, Two-tone Blue, Farm or Seaworld Bouncy Castle (up to 6 years)         to any package for £40 


Fairytale Castle up to 9 years £60


or our Roller Coaster 2-5 years £20


Party play add ons available with all soft play packages



Super Pink package has soft play Ball Pool, Step/Slide, Log Climb, Step Stones,  4 Hoppers,   2 Horse Rockers, 2 Pink Rockers, 2 Didi Cars,  3 Whirlees, 3 Bug Bikes, Tunnel


Super Pink £125

Make your party extra special by adding our Fairy tale bouncy castle £60

PRINCESS PEARL Package has Ball Pool, Soft Play Shapes, Stepping Stones, 3 Hoppers, Step n Slide, 2 Rockers, 2 Whirlees, Bug Bike and Tunnel.


Princess Pearl £100


Butterfly bouncy castle £40

BUTTERFLY Package with Ball Pool, Step n Slide, Soft Play Dble Rocker, Butterfly Stepping Stones, Soft Play Bridge/Tunnel, 3 Happy Hopperz, 2 Pink Rockers, 2 Whirlees, and Scuttle Bike.


Butterfly package £100

Add Butterfly bouncy castle £40

PRINCESS Package with Soft Play Ball Pool, 3 Happy Hopperz,  Soft Play Shapes, Soft play stepping stones, Step n Slide, Double Rocker,  2 Horse Rockers, 2 Whirlees, Tunnel


Princess package £100

Princess bouncy castle £40

Farm Package with Ball Pool, Step/Slide, Stepping Stones, Two Rockers, Pig, Cow, Duck, Horse, Dog and Sheep dog £100

Add  small Animal collection £10

Add Two Ladybird bikes £5

Farm bouncy castle £40

SEAWORLD Package has Soft Play Ball Pool, Turtle Rocker, 2 Fish Rockers, Stepping Stones, Whale Rocker, Step n Slide, Double Rocker, Tunnel, all with Undersea features


Seaworld package £100

Add our Large Step/Slide/Tunnel £10

Add Up and Down Roller coaster £20

Seaworld bouncy castle £40

TOTALLY SOFT PLAY Package with Ball Pool, Soft play shapes, Caterpillar, Step/slide, Car rocker,   4 Happy Hoppers,  Dble Rocker, Bean Bag step stones, Tunnel


Totally Soft Play £100

Blue bouncy castle £40

COLOUR Package has Soft Play Ball Pool,  4 Happy Hopperz,  Soft Play Dice,  Dbl Rocker,  Step/slide,  2 Red Rockers, 2 BugBikes, 2 Whirlees, and a multi colour tunnel


Colour package £100

Add our Up and Down Roller coaster £20

SUPER COLOUR PACKAGE- As Colour package plus 2 Jellybean racers, 2 Didi cars and 2 extra hoppers  £125

Add our Roller Coaster for added zippy fun £20

ANIMAL Package has Soft Play Ball Pool, Soft Play Horse and Zebra Rocker, Elephant Slide, Monkey Rocker, Horse Rocker, Puppy Rocker, Ladybird and Grasshopper Bug Bikes,  4 Hoppers and Tiger Tunnel £100



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